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My take, Equinox Ritual

For me, the darkness presented in Autumn represents the presence of infinite potentiality, a time where everything internal is brought to the surface and choices are made as to means of channeling /creating something from that wellspring - a time outside of time when change is most likely to occur if it is allowed. Autumn has always been a time of uncertainty after the perils of Summer, where furtherances come into being through the following of intuition. The purpose of intuition usually does not come into clarity until Winter rolls along, but the process of intuiting, feeling, experiencing, and acting is essential to fruition. It is a time of planning/formation, and a time of openness to necessary or unprecedented changes.

I see the ritual as a means of opening the channels of perception and unleashing creative potential, as well as one of eradicating blockages - a way of allowing oneself to see what needs to be seen, whether or not it is something that one desires to see. Realignment.

The pomegranate contains many seeds, all encompassed within a skin. By breaking the skin and releasing juice, the divisions between seeds are destroyed. There is an intermingling. This intermingling can be seen as representative of eradicating divisions between human beings, connecting pieces of a disjointed picture, or anything else along the lines of creating unity or understanding. Closely resembling blood, the juice can be lifeforce, and conversely, the pain of letting go - transformation and release.

One way of looking at it, anyhow...

glamtasm posted:

I think we have the beginnings of some fertile and workable plans for the Equinox. As I understand it thus far we have:
Pomegranates to "sacrifice" or open
(we will need a ceremonial blade)
The chalice we will drain it into.

Do we want to free form the ceremony so that each person says what it means individually? I think this would be good, then at the end, after each person has done their own energy drawing, the chalice is passed to share that amongst the group.

Perhaps given that most of us (digitalsidhe possibly excepted) feel the Autumn as more of a time of personal rebirth rather than "death" we might want to work that sense of darker passge into something brighter into the Work. With my current Anubis thing, the immediate thought is something to the effect of guidance through the darkness of Amenta, where there is only oneself to rely on, to the joining of our individual brightness with others. It might be straying afield from the original energy drawing concept, but I also believe that concern over losing feelings of connectedness was also an issue for us. Thus we gain individual energy from our connection with each other.
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