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Autumn Equinox Ritual Notes

Autumn Equinox Notes

People to Invite:

Tracy & David
Donald & Kat
Dan & Shauna
Murias & Christy-Anne

Required for Ritual:

  • pomegranate (A&B)
  • each person BYOP, or RSVP by Friday
  • bottle red wine (K&A)
  • apple juice (Kai)
  • ladle (K&A)
  • cups (Ashton)
  • stag cauldron (K&A)
  • smaller inset bowl (K&A)
  • handi-wipes (A&B)
  • ritual knife (everybody)
  • avoid foofy sleeves
  • bottles for fuel (K&A)
  • snacks (Aldyth)
  • bread (Ashton)
  • index cards (Aldyth)
  • Sharpies (K&A)
  • sage (K&A)
  • toilet paper (K&A)
  • fuel (K&A, Ashton)
  • drum (TBA)
  • road flares (A&B)
  • printer paper & tape (K&A)

Stuff for People to Do:


write fire/energy speech
get fuel stuff together
get apple juice
post this thing
send out email invites


find drum


write speech about "why autumn?"
be prepared to do physical/practical level explanation
get pomegranates, snacks, handi-wipes and road flares


write closing speech
get pomegranates, snacks, handi-wipes and road flares


write speech about pomegranate-stabbing
get bread

Order of Ritual

arrive at 5:00 - 5:30; rite starts at 6:00

  1. Aldyth explains physical level
  2. Kai explains fire/energy
  3. cast circle with Anne's snake dance and Kai's fire
  4. Aldyth explains Autumn
  5. Ashton explains pomegranate-stabbing
  6. everyone stabs their pomegranate, drips juice into cauldron
  7. Brad ladles out a libation for the Gods, then a portion for each person
  8. drink, then do whatever we desire with the rest of the juice
  9. Brad closes circle with something about "Autumn is upon us".

eat snacks and bread afterwards

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