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Divination Methods

So, for the next meeting (which may or may not be on Thursday the 3rd), people had been talking about everyone bringing their favorite divination method to show to people. Just out of curiosity, I'd like to see who here knows what sorts of divination methods?

Me, I started off with Tarot. Did loads of Tarot from ages 16 to about 24. But as I worked with them more and more, I started having greater and greater difficulties with some of the concepts embedded in them. Many of these concepts are medieval, Christian, or otherwise anathema to me; some are simply ontological disagreements. But either way, Tarot no longer works for me.

I generally say that I'm currently "in between divinatory systems", much like someone might be "between marriages". I have violent disagreements with Western astrology (and it with me). I think numerology is just plain silly -- it's too mechanistic to adapt to he fluidity of the actual world. I never quite got into runes or Ogham, though I really should give Ogham another try, I suppose. My attempts at scrying have gotten me precisely nothing.

What sorts of stuff are other people using?
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